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Effective October 10, 2013 the Detox Certification Board is endorsing the designations

Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Coach

Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Facilitator

Certified Hydrotherapy Coach

Certified Hydrotherapy Facilitator

Certified Hydrotherapy Specialist

Certified Toxin Release Coach

Certified Toxin Release Facilitator

Certified Toxin Release Specialist

Certified pH Health Coach

Certified pH Wellness Coach

Certified Wellness Coach

Certified Wellness Facilitator

Certified Wellness Specialist

Contact For Health First at 888-828-0011 Ext. 1 for an interview to help you determine the best designation for you and your business.

Please note: due to regulatory board actions in the latter part of 2011, the Detox Certification Board no longer feels right about issuing certification in detoxification. We believe to do so is too risky for you!

At this time the only safe, legal method of practicing detoxification is to practice other modalities which are used for other purposes and include detoxification in that practice. That's our opinion. We'd rather close this business than put you at risk.

If you are successful at helping your clients detoxify, we suggest you become certified by the Wellness Certification Board and join the Wellness Coach Education Association of America to protect yourself and your business.

If you are interested in detoxification and you practice nutrition, contact the Nutrition Certification Board or the Nurse Nutrition Certification Board for information about certification in nutrition coaching. Then join the Nutrition Coach Education Association of America for your protection.

If you practice other modalities, contact us at 888-827-0011 Ext. 1 and one of our people will contact you. We will assist you in any way we can to practice legally and successfully.

Here's the truth as we see it:

1. Detoxification is a necessary part of staying healthy because toxins harm the body.

2. The main forces making detoxification a "bad thing to do" are the pharmaceutical drug companies and medical professionals.

3. We believe that's an indication detoxification keeps people healthy so they don't need drugs and doctors as often as when they allowed their body to become toxic.

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are attracted to, and multiply faster in, the toxic chemicals in your body.

These microbes cause disease.

Drug companies and doctors make money when you have any disease.

Therefore drug companies and doctors want you to be toxic so they can make more money -- from you.

These are good reasons to keep doing what you've been doing but change the way you've been doing it and become a wellness expert.

Good Luck!


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