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Detox Blueprint

Welcome to the Detox Certification Board™

Please take the time to read: DCB Recommends. we compiled this information to make your life easier as a detoxification expert.

The Detoxification Board is now a part of the

Nutrition Certification Board

This decision was made to give you more options and lower your cost of certification. When you are qualified to become certified, you will be given the option of being certified in any one or more of the following professions:

Detoxification Coach,

Detoxification Specialist,

Nutrition Coach,

Nutrition Specialist,

Nutrition Health Coach,

Nutrition Health Specialist,

pH Balance Coach,

pH Balance Specialist,

Weight Loss Coach,

Weight Loss Specialist.

The choice is entirely up to you.

We encourage you to choose a title that explains -- or titles that explain -- what you do and supports your profession.

Nutrition Certification Board

Special Notice

The Detoxification Certification process is still accredited by the American Accreditation Commission. Under the terms of our merger, For Health First agreed to maintain our accreditation. For Health First manages and operates the Nutrition Certification Board.




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